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What are Activities of Daily Life?

If you have ever looked into assisted living or spoke with a care professional, you might have heard the term ‘Activities of Daily Life’ or ADLs used in conversation. ADLs are tasks that are essential to living independently that should be performed by an individual.

There are five ADLs. An individual must:

  1. Bathe, groom, and maintain personal hygiene
  2. Dress and undress without assistance
  3. Use the toilet and complete tasks including hygiene and control
  4. Transfer movement and demonstrate independent mobility
  5. Prepare and eat food without assistance

Similar to ADLs, Instrumental Activities of Daily Life (or IADLs) are also tasks that test an individual’s independence and ability to live without assistance. IADLs are more complex tasks that are important for those living in a community and include matters like:

  • Cooking
  • Cleaning
  • Shopping
  • Managing finances
  • Using technology and the phone
  • Means of transportation
  • Caring for pets or other individuals

Even if a person is able to complete all five ADLs, they may find difficulties living without any sort of assistance if they are unable to complete these kinds of IADLs.

Do Incomplete ADLs and IADLs Mean My Loved One Is Right Assisted Living?

Even though ADLs are a good indication if assisted living is right for your loved one, that isn’t always the case. According to a survey of assisted living communities conducted in 2001, many residents didn’t need support for any ADLs. As residents grew to need ADL support, they almost all needed assistance with bathing first, then dressing, followed by toilet, transferring, and eating.

Assisted living homes are designed to create support for those that struggle with ADLs. Individuals that need assistance with one or two IADLs might be better suited for an independent living community, rather than seniors that are unable to complete multiple ADLs.

If your loved one is struggling with ADLs, you should consider assisted living. At All Seasons Residential Assisted Living, we care for our residents and serve them with quality and compassion. We offer free tours and consultations so call today and reserve a time to visit!

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