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When to Consider Dementia Care

One of the biggest challenges that families and individuals face when considering dementia care is the stigma. Nobody wants to be institutionalized, and nobody wants that for their loved ones. Although this seems like the biggest hurdle for many people, the reality is that without proper dementia care, our loved ones wind up at risk of unnecessary danger.

Why Are They At Risk?

Without private home care or facility care, it falls on family members to look after their loved ones who suffer from dementia. This comes at great expense of time and money—money that can run out as care needs increase, and time that can easily push a family to burnout on balancing their own lives and responsibilities with caring for their loved one.

Here are some early signs to keep watch for:

  • Forgetting about dangers of household equipment
  • Forgetting to take medications
  • Increasing fall risk and unsteady gait

Adjustment gets harder the longer you wait. It has been shown that transitioning to a new environment is difficult for individuals who suffer increasing confusion from dementia. Suffering injury during dementia at a late age is difficult to rebound from. The sooner your loved one receives proper care in a stable and safe environment, the easier it will be to make the transition.

Private Care & Facility Care

Private home care is a great option early on. It can save expenses and present a familiar and comfortable environment for your loved one. But at some point, the expenses will become too much—if care increases from 4 hours each day to 8, 12, or more, the money may not be able to last. Care facilities are equipped and staffed by trained professionals who are prepared to engage at a level that families and individuals may not be able to. This allows your loved one to receive the care and attention they need in a safe environment, without running the risk of burnout.

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