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Orangevale View Announces All Seasons Opening!

New Board and Care gives seniors another option. All Seasons of Orangevale is a home that provides assisted living in a residential setting. The home opened its doors to business last week, and can comfortably accommodate six residents. The founders who formed All Seasons, LLC come from a family that has been providing elderly with assisted living for twelve years.

“We named our business All Seasons because we believe that all seasons of life are worth living well. Dignity and the joy of life should be given to the smallest of children as well as to the most aged adult among us.”

The home will provide a number of services, including housekeeping, laundry, medication management, meals, and personal care as needed. The facility is staffed by trained caregivers and plans to bring on a certified nurse for well-visit checkups.

All Seasons is situated on a half acre of beautifully manicured landscape in heart of Orangevale. The combination of a private home with patios, sitting areas, walking paths and open space creates an environment perfectly prepared for leisure and rest.