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Though it may be obvious that All Seasons takes care of older folks, what’s not as evident is how we do it. We have had many people drive up and down our street and call us saying “I can’t find your building, there’s just a bunch of houses here.” It’s so common in our society that the elderly are mainly served in institutional, commercial, apartment-like buildings. We are used to it and chuckle as we explain that indeed, they are on the right street.

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Exceptional Care, Safety, and Customer Service

All Seasons was started by and is operated me (Toly) and I couldn’t do it without the help of my wife, Mary. We live locally in Orangevale with our three little children: Emma, Mark, and Eliza. We believe that every person, young and old, is created equal and deserves dignity. We believe that and set out to build a business that reflects that. The care, comfort, and happiness of our residents and their families is our daily pursuit.

What We Do

In America, people aren’t used to assistance. We love independence and freedom and don’t plan on giving them up. At All Seasons Residential Assisted Living, we get that. When a person comes through our doors and needs to transition to more assistance, we work very hard to make it painless and, dare we say, enjoyable! We come alongside strong independent people and offer gentle, patient, and friendly help.

Why We Do What We Do

Being in assisted living such a long time, we saw the spectrum of care that exists out there. We saw a need for higher acuity care. So we set out to find the sweet balance of high quality care combined with a home atmosphere. We do that through a three-pronged method. First, we partner with licensed medical help every step of the way. Second, we hire CNAs, medical assistants, and nurses on their way to becoming registered. Third, we only choose homes that are spacious and inviting. We believe this balance accomplishes our pursuit of doing for our residents what we would like done for us.

Why We’re Residential

The residential assisted living model allows us to keep the caregiver to resident ratio small. Simply put, the more residents, the more the caregivers are spread thin. In our environment we can achieve what we believe is the ideal ratio. We are also able to get to know every resident very closely. This is great relationally, but it’s also medically advantages since we are able to quickly assess a change in medical condition.

Take a look at what some of our families have to say about our exceptional care and service.

"Mom had a life changing medical event that resulted in problems communicating and terrible fears due to the decline in her health and ability to care for herself. We were frustrated trying to find a place for her, where she could be safe and feel people cared. We looked at a number of places, but are certain God sent us to All Seasons as the staff there welcomed her with love and professional help, ensuring she received all the care and support she needed. They made her life safe and comfortable, and we felt great relief and never worried. We cannot thank All Seasons enough.

They are the best!"

Cathy L. Ruebusch, RN

We proudly serve families in the following areas:

  • Granite Bay
  • Folsom
  • Fair Oaks
  • Carmichael
  • Roseville
  • Orangevale

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